Listening to spirit

Whilst meditating and spending time to nature, I appreciate taking the opportunity to connect to nature spirits like those of plants and trees. I love to watch the birds soar overhead and listen to the messages from spirit that can be heard in the passing breeze and felt through the rays of the sun.

One particular day last summer, I wrote down that which I heard. I don’t always write things down, but on this day I did and I kept it.

Today I feel drawn to sharing it with you. It may make sense or it may not but it is shared with love and a hope that it will be of use to someone, somewhere.

Earth is a school for the soul. Through reincarnation, we have all been here many times before, learning various lessons and evolving. However, to keep us on our toes, to keep stimulating our souls growth and thirst for knowledge and experience- the universe has to keep upping its game. School cannot be made to become too easy. What would be the point? Humanity is currently experiencing its most challenging time yet and we are challenging Mother Earth to grow and adapt too.

Do not panic or worry about humanity, nature and our beloved earth mother. We are all experiencing great changes in the way we are being educated by the universe. Things are due to change here on earth. Eventually it will transform into an entirely different school with new lessons and many of the current class/students will move on to work and study in other cosmic realms, maybe never to return to this planet. This is nothing to be scared of, for it will be an adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

Earth will always be ok, after all she is part of the Divine cosmic source (as are we) which loves and supports us all, but she is going to transform and change (as will we).

Just continue to do your best by all beings. It is hard to ignore the hurt and damage that people cause to each other, to animals and the earth, but remember, they are hurting and confused themselves. They really do not know what they do. They are just doing what they feel they need to do within their consciousness of this time. Help to heal them and you help to heal all.

Do not judge and anger against those in power making unwise decisions or those who make a mockery of your beliefs. Instead send them loving-kindness, show respect. Be a shining example, a beacon of light to wake them up compassionately. Don’t be drawn into mundane, pointless negativity, finger pointing and blaming. Turn your back on fear.

Remember we are all one, all connected. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Never underestimate the power of love. Make time for those who you love and whom light you up and pray for those who don’t. Be grateful for both as they are equally important teachers. Connect to Great Spirit each and every day. Learn to listen to your soul for what it has to say is more important and valuable than anything that you can read, see on the TV OR learn in your human education systems.

May all beings be well, may all beings be free and may all beings be at peace.



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