What’s in a name?

On the 8th January 2019 whilst in Rishikesh, India, I received my spiritual name via my teacher, Padma. It is an ancient tradition in many yoga lineages for a student to receive a spiritual name.

The name that I have been given is Bodhini. A Sanskrit name which translates to “the wise or enlightening”, “the possessor of knowledge”.

So what is the point of a spiritual name? Your spiritual name is believed to be the sound of your soul essence. Sanskrit is a sacred, resonant language and the sounds are extremely potent. To use your spiritual name enables you to connect more deeply with your infinite self. To awaken to your true and highest potential. This explanation of using your spiritual name made perfect sense to me as I had already experienced the power of Sanskrit mantras in meditation and chanting.

My birth name of Victoria Louise was one that I kind of grew into and felt more of a connection to after I discovered it’s meaning. Victoria is the Latin for victory or conquer. Louise apparently means renowned warrior. Growing up I felt the exact opposite of a “victorious and renowned warrior” having been bullied into submission at school. As an adult however, I began to almost take comfort in my name and maybe even at times it would motivate me to rise to the challenge and life certainly did provide many challenges to rise up to. As a single mother, you often end up stepping into a brave warrior-like role to protect yourself and your child and there would be the occasional sense of victory after making it through both the big and small battles of life.

Now though, life is different. I feel different. Many great lessons have been learnt along the way. I don’t keep looking at life like a fight that I’ve got to keep winning. There is more acceptance and peace along with a willingness to just go with the flow.

Although this little human still has a considerable way to go to being “wise or enlightened” (might not happen in this lifetime), I felt very connected to the name ‘Bodhini’ immediately. So I feel now that it is time for Bodhini to step forward. I have no idea what life as Bodhini will be like but my heart is calling for me to try it. I ALWAYS follow my heart- so, Bodhini it is.

I greatly appreciate that a change of name can seem strange and that it will take time for people to adjust (and remember).

So feel free to talk to me about it and to ask any questions. Hopefully this transition will be an interesting (and great) experience for us all.

Thank you so much for the love and support that you have shown me on this journey so far.

In deep gratitude and love

Bodhini x

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