Celebrating summer solstice

Solstice blessings to all 🙏☀️

The sun is actually shining here in Harpenden this morning 😀

I am noticing in my Facebook feed that many are feeling energised and lively today. Many people seem to have been up since dawn walking, running and swimming etc

This is beautiful to see 💖

I appreciate taking time during the solstice to reflect on the year so far. Reflecting back to the winter, what was happening then and what my intentions for this year were. Then reflecting back to spring to see what had changed and how had I allowed myself to blossom.

Here at the solstice I feel amazed and blessed by the year so far. Life is now very different to how I imagined it would be but I am enjoying the challenges, the opportunities and their lessons very much.

How do you feel now? Let us all congratulate ourselves on the last 6 months. 💖 Regardless of whether you feel much has been achieved or not, accept how you feel about yourself and your life right now. Love yourself for it. Even in times of turmoil, remember that everything is changing, no situation or feeling is permanent. This too shall pass.

Visualise the next six months as a time of vibrancy, creation and positive actions achieving desired results. Feel yourself experiencing the joy and harmony of the next few months as if it has already happened ☀️🙏

Happy solstice my friends. 

With love

Bodhini x

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