The importance of grounding


What does it mean to be grounded?
To be grounded is to be well balanced, stable, present and able to remain calm in a crisis.

When we are not grounded, we can be distracted easily, become spaced out, prone to panic and even forgetful.

Sometimes grounding can first become an issue for people when they begin meditation or spiritual practice, or even after attending a sound bath.
On occasion, people report feeling light headed or spaced out afterwards. Sometimes this may last for just a few minutes but can last for a day or so, if someone is particularly sensitive.
This can be just because your mind and body are experiencing something new.

This is when it is good to spend some time grounding.
Even those with an established meditation/ spiritual practice need to up their grounding game over time as they go deeper and become more open. ( I can’t emphasise the importance of this enough!)

So how do we ground ourselves?

There are so many ways, see what works for you.
Here is a list of things that I have found helpful personally, but you may find something different works for you.

🏃‍♀️ Exercise!!! My least favourite way to ground but actually seems to be the most effective…annoyingly! 🤣 Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, running, the gym , whatever floats your boat but gets your body moving!

🌳 Being in the great outdoors amongst nature and wildlife. If it’s barefoot even better!

🌬Breathwork. In particular I find Kapalabhati (a pranayama technique in Yoga) very grounding and energising. Some people may prefer to practice belly breathing though.

🥗Eating and drinking mindfully. Taking your time to eat and drink slowly, savouring the experience of each mouthful, tastes and sensations. Reduce stimulants and avoid alcohol (sorry!) Fruit, nuts and root vegetables are particularly good when you need grounding assistance!

👀 Be aware of your senses and the present moment. List the things that you can touch, see, hear, smell and taste from where you are.

🥁 Drumming. Probably my favourite but my neighbour’s least favourite way for me to ground myself. 🙈

I hope that you have found this useful 🙏 I would love to hear from you in the comments section below if you have any further grounding questions or suggestions.

With love
Bodhini x

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