Meditation in isolation!

How is your meditation practice working for you now?🧘🏼‍♀️
Just last month, we were discussing here, what we find challenging about practicing meditation. For some, it was maintaining motivation, others it was frustration with a busy mind.

I wrote a couple of posts to help with these challenges which people said were helpful. Yay! 🥳

But then came Covid-19….all of our sudden, we were overwhelmed with all kinds of issues that certainly this generation has never had to comprehend before. Worldwide pandemic, isolation, loss of jobs and businesses, home schooling…if our minds wouldn’t be quiet before…well, they are certainly going to have a lot to say now!😫

So I am curious to know, how is your meditation practice now? Are you still practicing? Maybe you are meditating even more!
How has it changed (if it has)? Please let me know in the comments.🙏

Personally, I am doing more. I have added an additional practice to my routine and it is keeping me sane (although whether the rest of the household agrees may remain debatable).🤔 I’m not saying I find it flawlessly easy but it’s definitely helping me cope!

My additional practice which I decided to start on Spring Equinox and continue until Beltane (May Day) is the chanting of the Gayatri mantra 108 times. (More about this mantra further down).

Mantra meditation helps to keep me focused and I feel a strong connection to source through the vibration of a mantra whether it is recited silently, whispered or chanted aloud.
Mantra meditation doesn’t appeal to everyone but it works for me.
So I have my morning practice of pranayama and heart practice and then enjoying the Gayatri mantra at sunset.

What is the Gayatri mantra?
The Gayatri mantra has been recorded in the Rig Veda (an ancient collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns), which was written more than 2500 years ago. It had possibly been chanted for many centuries before it was written down.
This mantra is often referred to as the Mother of the Vedas and is now chanted throughout the world with love.

There are many translations of the mantra. One that I like in particular is:
“We meditate on the glory of sacred light illuminating the three worlds (physical, mental, spiritual). May that divine light inspire our thoughts”

Chanting the mantra 108 times takes approximately 45 minutes and I am keeping a journal of my experience of it.

So, that is where I am at with my practice. I knew I needed to do more and I had faith that it would help because it always has.

So do let me know how things are going for you with your meditation. Let me know if I can help.

Thanks to Akasha of Lumiere Photography. This photo was taken during our yoga training in Rishikesh, India last year at the Sivanada Ghat.
Here we were inspired daily by the devotional chanting, rituals and meditation practices of ancient Yogi’s passed down through the millenia. They have lasted this long because they truly work.

With love to you and yours always

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