A life changing moment

😭I could not believe that this was happening AGAIN…
Out of the blue. Unexpected.
Everything was going so well wasn’t it? We were so happy…weren’t we?
Obviously he wasn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️
I was heartbroken….again 💔
and it REALLY hit me this time, like a punch to the stomach
BUT…in that same moment as his words were sinking in- telling me that it was over..
I could hear my little internal voice finally shouting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! “
I could not keep doing the same thing in relationships but expecting a different, happier outcome.
I was always looking for love OUTSIDE of myself 🧐
Hoping that I’d finally kissed enough frogs and found my Prince Charming 🐸 🤴
In that moment, I called out to the Great Spirit, the Divine Beloved and said “ that’s it! I’m done! I am all yours now and I need your help. Show me how to find peace and love within myself, so that I do not need to keep seeking it from another. I don’t know how to do this. Please guide me!”
I finally understood that seeking love outside of ourselves does not work (at least not for long).
That day changed my life forever. In ways that I could never have imagined as I sat there full of anguish and despair.
It was actually the best thing that could have happened for me as love now flows through me and my life abundantly.
Sometimes your greatest gifts can be magnificently disguised as your worst nightmares.
Miracles can manifest and healing can happen when we just let go and let life guide the way.🙏
Just trust in the highest power that you believe in and allow love and life to happen.

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