Are you feeling WEARY? (When Everything Appears Really Yucky)

OK, Yucky may not (or actually it may) be the best word to describe 2020 and how we may be feeling about life right now, but I couldn’t find an alternative word beginning with Y.

However you choose to describe it, 2020 has created many opportunities for positive change but alongside it, also illness, grief, insecurity, doubt, tension and anxiety.

Events have left many of us feeling overwhelmed, emotionally and /or physically drained and even despondent. Totally weary!

Even just watching the news or flicking through social media feeds for five minutes can leave you feeling jaded and fatigued.

We try to make sense of it all. We do our best in what can feel like scrambling around in the dark and just as brighter times seem to be upon us, another problematic situation appears. Like 2020 has some kind of morbidly, weird conveyor belt of crap to throw at us.

So yes, we are weary.

We are extremely tired.

This is when really caring for ourselves is more important than ever.

When it is simply just our bodies that feel tired, we know what to do to remedy it. We can take a day off, put our feet up, have a nice bath and get more sleep.

What do we do when we feel weary to the bones of our entire being? When our minds are exhausted and our spirits low?

It is vital that we can find time and space to rest away from the challenges but also integrate any lessons that we have learnt from these recent experiences. Reflect on the goodness that can be found in hard times and allow that to inspire you.

Being able to gain a fresh perspective and return to life feeling stable and at ease, we can spark a new burst of energy and strength to keep us moving forward.

We need to make a commitment to our self-care, to carve out time in a space of serenity. Give ourselves the opportunity to replenish our body and find peace of mind.

However we choose to spend this time of self nourishment, it is important to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves. It is often easy when we feel down to berate ourselves for the way we have handled difficulties. We put pressure on ourselves to do better. Maybe we can do better next time, but we are only human after all. Being hard on yourself does not do much for self-improvement. It can actually only make you feel worse.

Everyone makes mistakes. We can’t expect to sail through this unprecedented time perfectly. See if you can smile through your mistake and make the lesson a blessing that will help you make wiser choices in the future.

The whole world is in need of healing and peace but it starts with each of us as individuals. We can’t give that which we don’t have.

So allow yourself to simply retreat and recover. Even just a small amount of time spent in a way that connects you to peace and joy can uplift you. What to you like to do that makes you really smile?

Be it meditation, movement, music, art or nature. Reading beautiful poems and inspiring stories, or even writing your own and expressing your thoughts and feelings in a journal.

It also important to remember if everything has just become too much to sit with on your own, then to please connect with others. You can be sure that many people are feeling this way too. Solace can often be found in walking and talking with a good friend. It could prove to be helpful to both of you!

This unique and surreal time that we find ourselves in will likely continue for a while. So look after yourself and it may inspire others to do the same.

Lets surf the waves of change and turbulence without allowing weariness to weigh us down. Then life may not appear so yucky after all 😉

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