I had to trust that it was going to happen


About four years ago, chanting had become a precious and deeply valued part of my daily meditation practice. 📿

My heart was yearning to learn more about devotional singing and related practices within the yoga tradition.

So I was thrilled to be invited to apply for a place on a 200 hour training to study and explore this particular path of yoga (known as Bhakti yoga) further.

I was sooo excited at the prospect of this new adventure! I had a strong feeling that it was important for me to go for it. Even though at the time I wasn’t entirely sure that I was ready for it. (or a fear that I wasn’t worthy of it was another story that I used to like to tell myself).

There was one problem however… how to pay for the course?🤷🏼‍♀️

As a single parent on a low income and just a few hundred pounds in a savings account, how would I afford to pay over £2000 for something that as much as I wanted to with all my heart… seemed a bit self-indulgent for a parent on a tight budget?

I was disheartened for a moment but was still overcome by this strong sense that I was destined to be there on that course and that it WOULD HAPPEN.
I simply had to trust and wait for the way to be shown.🙏🏻

I immediately sent off my application before I could talk myself out of applying.

THEN less than two weeks later a letter arrived from my bank….. I could not believe what I was reading. 😳My heart raced as I read it several times to make sure that I had not misunderstood what it was saying!

My bank was informing me that they had overcharged me interest on a loan that I had repaid over a year earlier . They were not only paying back the interest but also compensation…which in total amounted to the amount that I needed to pay for the course. WOW!

I could not believe it. It felt like a miracle!
I was so delighted that I jumped up and down for ages and even cried a few happy tears!

That was an extremely unexpected outcome.

Trusting in my intuition and having faith in unknown possibilities was something that I had struggled with before this experience.

I would always doubt myself and want to know exactly how plans would proceed so that I could feel safe and in control but actually I was limiting my true potential in life by living in that way.

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for by taking part in the course. I had no expectations but I trusted that I would get what I needed from it and my heart knew that it was the right thing to do.

It was by no means easy and I had to overcome many challenges to get myself through it but I am glad that I went for it and that I saw it through. It turned out to be the beginning of many more adventures.
My trust and faith continued to lead me to unexpected places and experiences(including five weeks in India) and I now never doubt it for a second.

Self-doubt and a lack of faith can limit our potential and possible joy and happiness.

I have learnt that when I release doubt and fear, I make space in my life to enjoy something much more fulfilling!

We are able to access that state of peace, clarity and trust when our hearts are open to listening and receiving without expectation or agenda.
The heart practice in particular has really helped me with this.
Do you trust your intuition? When has following your intuition helped you?

I would love for you to tell me about it in the comment
With love

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