Spring Rising

The first, very subtle stirrings of Spring can be felt 🌱
Every November through to January, I experience a longing to really hibernate, to go within, slow down, rest in silence and withdraw from the busyness of modern life.

A period of introspection, reflection and integration of all that I have experienced of the year leading up to that time.

It can feel dark at times, not all that arises in those reflections are pleasant or comfortable but it’s important to shine the light on them and process them all the same.

The wisdom and support that I’ve received throughout the year from loved ones, teachers and mentors keeps me feeling safe and nourished as my mind tries to convince me that I need to work, need to be busy and all this resting and nesting is wasting valuable time♥️

Mind is still learning that resistance is futile ♥️

Over the last week, I’ve began to sense a slight, subtle stirring sensation arising from within.
A bit of curiosity, a bit more energy, sudden bursts of inspiration.
I’ve noticed the first green shoots emerging from the ground and buds peeping from branches.

Mind starts getting excited… wanting to take that little spurt of energy and run miles ahead….
C’mon back to work, back to business!
Let’s do this! Let’s do that!

But the heart knows to pace itself. Snow drops and daffodils don’t burst forth from the ground fully grown 🌱
This little seed is going to take her time, enjoying the aliveness of each moment..
Allowing everything to grow and evolve in divine and natural timing.

Nothing in nature is rushed. Yet it manages to do all that needs to be done.

So I haven’t been showing up so much on social media and actually was guided to take a break from it as often as I can.

My mind REALLY resisted that decision as there is so much pressure to show up 24/7, work on your brand and your message…. blah, blah, blah.

But I am still here, loving you and supporting you and I’m just taking my time to find my feet as we step towards Spring 2021 together 💐🌱♥️
I would love for you to join me for the Spring Rising Meditation Series starting on 7th February. Please visit the website for details.

Love always

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