Just for today

Can you be completely present?

Not let a single moment slip away?

Can you imagine responding and acting intuitively in peace, with humility and honesty….

Without anxiety or anger for a whole day?

Every second spent in devotion to all that arises in each moment with acceptance, compassion and non judgment…

Feeling grounded and at ease in your body….

Can you imagine a whole day like that?

A lifetime even? Is it possible?

The reiki precepts invite us to live EVERY day in this way.

But let’s be honest. It’s not easy.

So many distractions, uncomfortable feelings and difficult conversations to be had.

How do we keep it up?

But that is the beauty found in the first line of the precepts…

Just for today….

Today is all that matters

Every day is a chance to begin again

and if today seems too long, bring it just to this moment and take one moment at a time.

No pressure. Just breathe.

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