Is meditation safe for everyone?

There is more to teaching meditation than meets the eye..

It is worth considering that whilst meditation is extremely beneficial for most people, it can be potentially harmful to others who are suffering with severe depression, suicidal tendencies and other psychological problems.

With our NHS over-stretched more than ever especially now, more and more people are turning to meditation for reduction in anxiety and stress and for the sake of their mental health and largely practicing meditation is a good thing.

However, as a responsible meditation facilitator it is important to have the experience and training to be equipped to deal with the possible situation that on a rare occasion can happen.

The situation being that unwanted side effects arise and fear, anxiety and depression may be increased for someone participating your classes.

In my 10 years of sharing meditation with groups and individuals this has only occurred twice.

I am fortunate in that I’ve had a several hundred hours of meditation teacher training and thousands of hours lived experience as a regular meditator.

I am also a Mental Health First Aider and have basic counselling skills.

This doesn’t make me an expert but I knew how to deal with it and I have professionals that I continuously refer clients to when needed.

This is not always the case when you go to a meditation class.

It may have only happened twice but I’m aware as mental health issues continue to rise that it may happen again.

Talk to someone if you have concerns about any meditation experience that you’ve had if it has ever caused you to worry.

Always speak to your meditation facilitator if you are not sure if or what meditation is suitable for you.

If you are a meditation facilitator and this has never even crossed your mind, please do the research and look into mental health first aid training and basic counselling courses.

I believe that meditation can change the world for the better but let’s do it right!

In peace and love always


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