The moon moves me

The moon inspires me.

The moon moves me.

Even when the moon appears to be lost to the deepest depths of the dark night sky, the moon knows it will be illuminated by the light of grace again.

So the moon takes rest.

Sitting in the shadows barely visible. Letting life happen around it without the need to be centre stage, not putting pressure on itself to shine.

Not worrying that the world will fall apart without it’s light.

The dark moon blissfully present in the sky knowing it is whole and perfect even in the absence of light.

Just like the moon, we are part of something far greater than our physical form.

May we welcome the phases of darkness.

May we welcome the time to rest in the space of the unknown.

Change is inevitable yet can be unpredictable but we can trust that the light will return, revealing it’s exquisite beauty and wisdom through ideas and solutions to support us on our path.

As we approach this weekends new moon, take time to pause, take a back seat.

Observe and rest. Let go of effort.

Give yourself time to nourish the seeds of your dreams and intentions.

This is the time to prepare for the next magical phase of your life. ♥️

Are you ready?

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