Spiritual practice & meditation podcast

This week, I feature on The Bridge Centers Podcast.

I got to chat with the lovely Paola about spiritual practice.

Here is an outline of our chat plus the link to the podcast and meditation so that you can check it out for yourself.

Why is a #spiritualpractice not only important but also very practical?

In this week’s episode of the #ProsperityOnAir podcast we focus on the practical aspects of a spiritual practice, on what you do every day to connect with and express your true nature, strengthen your subtle energy body and live a joyful and fulfilling life.

I am honored to have Bodhini from Bodhi Aspirations as a guest on the podcast. Bodhini is a meditation and yoga teacher with a strong, heartfelt commitment to inspiring others to find peace and meaning in life through self-exploration and learning how to understand and integrate ancient wisdom and spiritual practices into our chaotic, modern lives.

This is what we cover in today’s episode:

✅ Re-connecting to your true nature and expressing it

✅ Loving ourselves also when we are shaken up

✅ How meditation helps you distinguish your energy from the energy of the people around you

✅ The importance of meditation in strengthening your subtle energy body

✅ How compassion helps you to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and explore their feelings and views

✅ The luxury of contemplation time

✅ The importance of rest as a spiritual practice

✅ Making spirituality practical in everyday life

✅ The importance of a community to walk your spiritual path

Don’t miss this episode! Not only it is very inspiring, but there is also a special gift from Bodhini who guides us through a beautiful meditation (at 0:25:47;16)

You can listen to the episode on the website: http://www.thebridgecenter.net/044prosperityonair

or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts (look for Prosperity On Air)

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