Listening to two friends argue…

Both believe their opinion, their beliefs are right.

In the end they go their separate ways. They just can’t hear each other regardless of the loud voices…

I wonder…what do I do now?

Do I have to choose?

It seems sometimes that you have to pick a side and stick to it.

You can’t back down or you would be deemed flaky or weak even!

So we hold onto our beliefs so strongly, so tightly that we become hard.
We harden our hearts to different ideas and choices that seem incompatible with our own.

Yet it takes courage and humility to admit that we may have been wrong.

Can we know for certain that what we think we know is actually right?

In a world of misinformation and ever changing science and discoveries, could you possibly uncover another possibility?

Can you open your heart and mind to another way or viewpoint?

Or do we just keep ending relationships because it’s easier to be proud and right?

We can learn so much by simply listening to each other.
Quietly, patiently, without judgment and taking our time to respond rather than react.

Each of us have our own unique path and so we will never have the same experiences, beliefs and values.

Can we be courageous enough to have potentially uncomfortable or difficult discussions rather than just walk away?

Would there be regret if we never saw that person again or they died tomorrow?

Relationships and human connection are vital.
Beauty and wisdom can be found in each of our paths.
Sorrow and heartache too.

You never know when you might need the support of friends or family.

Let’s not push each other away for the sake of being “right”.

The world is divided enough already 🙏🏻♥️

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