The headlines of my mind!

Sometimes my mind is like the trashy tabloids…

Thoughts screaming for attention like sensational headlines to stir me up and have me believing the worst….

Spinning all kinds of stories, imagination running wild.

I take them with a pinch of salt now…

Just like I learned to read the news with discernment and not take headlines at face value…

Thoughts and feelings does not necessarily equal truth!

What’s really going on underneath these storylines that my mind is creating?

Often you see a grabby headline and maybe just read the first few paragraphs quickly because we are always in a rush.

We then believe we know something based on a little information that is often misleading because if you read the full article slowly right to the end, any kind of truth (if there is any) will usually be the last thing to be included….

Just like the media, the mind hopes you don’t make it that far down….

The mind hopes it’s keeping you busy enough, distracted enough….

To only see what it wants you to believe…

What it has been conditioned to believe is safe and true.

But with a little self-enquiry (OK,sometimes a lot!) and reflection, we can discover that the stories are often disguising unresolved pain that we haven’t yet realised was still sitting inside of us, that hasn’t yet been tended to.

It can be really hard to allow yourself to fully feel things and digest them especially without support.

So our mind kindly creates many curious tales to keep us from going there….

But ultimately, to be truly free of pain, to experience real joy and find peace, we will need to lovingly tend to those wounds of hurt and disappointment one day.

Have you noticed that you constantly distract yourself because it’s uncomfortable to be with yourself?

Why can’t you stand to be with yourself?

What story about yourself has you believing this?

Is it a story of the past that no longer supports the present time?

Questioning ones own mind can be difficult so be compassionate towards yourself and please reach out if you would like to know more about how I can support you with this.

Bodhini ♥️

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