No regrets


Over the years, this has been my go to question.

Whenever I experience nerves or doubts about doing something new that pushes me beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone, I always ask myself this question.

Would I regret this if I didn’t do it?

I don’t plan on leaving this planet with any regrets…

And so far, I can honestly say if I leave this world tomorrow, I have no regrets…

So if I might regret not doing it…. I’m doing it… even if I have no clue how to do it or what the end result will be.

We never really know how it might turn out.

There is no guarantee that we will be happy with the outcome but..

What if the outcome exceeds our expectations? what if it turns out better than we could possibly have imagined?

I’ve taken some chances on people and in business…
Sometimes full of so many nerves that I could have almost been sick..

What if I fail? What if I lose my money? My home? What will people think?

And sometimes things haven’t gone to plan and there have been some trials and errors, hurt feelings and broken hearts.

But there have also been miraculous moments.
Unexpected opportunities of travel and business, of friendship and love that I would never have dreamt up on my own because I hadn’t even considered them as possible…. But they happened because I took a chance and did something different. Sometimes something that felt scary.

I didn’t even always believe in myself and despite being unsure if I was good enough or could do it… I did it anyway.

Asking that question has helped me overcome fears, find love and raise a daughter who has grown into an independent and self confident woman whilst at the same time learning how to be one myself.

Asking that question gave me back the voice I had hidden away and has helped me in my work of helping others.

My heart is full. I have no regrets.

Do you ask yourself this question?

Does it inspire you or make you nervous?

I always think it’s good if the answer is both

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