No regrets


Over the years, this has been my go to question.

Whenever I experience nerves or doubts about doing something new that pushes me beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone, I always ask myself this question.

Would I regret this if I didn’t do it?

I don’t plan on leaving this planet with any regrets…

And so far, I can honestly say if I leave this world tomorrow, I have no regrets…

So if I might regret not doing it…. I’m doing it… even if I have no clue how to do it or what the end result will be.

We never really know how it might turn out.

There is no guarantee that we will be happy with the outcome but..

What if the outcome exceeds our expectations? what if it turns out better than we could possibly have imagined?

I’ve taken some chances on people and in business…
Sometimes full of so many nerves that I could have almost been sick..

What if I fail? What if I lose my money? My home? What will people think?

And sometimes things haven’t gone to plan and there have been some trials and errors, hurt feelings and broken hearts.

But there have also been miraculous moments.
Unexpected opportunities of travel and business, of friendship and love that I would never have dreamt up on my own because I hadn’t even considered them as possible…. But they happened because I took a chance and did something different. Sometimes something that felt scary.

I didn’t even always believe in myself and despite being unsure if I was good enough or could do it… I did it anyway.

Asking that question has helped me overcome fears, find love and raise a daughter who has grown into an independent and self confident woman whilst at the same time learning how to be one myself.

Asking that question gave me back the voice I had hidden away and has helped me in my work of helping others.

My heart is full. I have no regrets.

Do you ask yourself this question?

Does it inspire you or make you nervous?

I always think it’s good if the answer is both

The headlines of my mind!

Sometimes my mind is like the trashy tabloids…

Thoughts screaming for attention like sensational headlines to stir me up and have me believing the worst….

Spinning all kinds of stories, imagination running wild.

I take them with a pinch of salt now…

Just like I learned to read the news with discernment and not take headlines at face value…

Thoughts and feelings does not necessarily equal truth!

What’s really going on underneath these storylines that my mind is creating?

Often you see a grabby headline and maybe just read the first few paragraphs quickly because we are always in a rush.

We then believe we know something based on a little information that is often misleading because if you read the full article slowly right to the end, any kind of truth (if there is any) will usually be the last thing to be included….

Just like the media, the mind hopes you don’t make it that far down….

The mind hopes it’s keeping you busy enough, distracted enough….

To only see what it wants you to believe…

What it has been conditioned to believe is safe and true.

But with a little self-enquiry (OK,sometimes a lot!) and reflection, we can discover that the stories are often disguising unresolved pain that we haven’t yet realised was still sitting inside of us, that hasn’t yet been tended to.

It can be really hard to allow yourself to fully feel things and digest them especially without support.

So our mind kindly creates many curious tales to keep us from going there….

But ultimately, to be truly free of pain, to experience real joy and find peace, we will need to lovingly tend to those wounds of hurt and disappointment one day.

Have you noticed that you constantly distract yourself because it’s uncomfortable to be with yourself?

Why can’t you stand to be with yourself?

What story about yourself has you believing this?

Is it a story of the past that no longer supports the present time?

Questioning ones own mind can be difficult so be compassionate towards yourself and please reach out if you would like to know more about how I can support you with this.

Bodhini ♥️

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Listening to two friends argue…

Both believe their opinion, their beliefs are right.

In the end they go their separate ways. They just can’t hear each other regardless of the loud voices…

I wonder…what do I do now?

Do I have to choose?

It seems sometimes that you have to pick a side and stick to it.

You can’t back down or you would be deemed flaky or weak even!

So we hold onto our beliefs so strongly, so tightly that we become hard.
We harden our hearts to different ideas and choices that seem incompatible with our own.

Yet it takes courage and humility to admit that we may have been wrong.

Can we know for certain that what we think we know is actually right?

In a world of misinformation and ever changing science and discoveries, could you possibly uncover another possibility?

Can you open your heart and mind to another way or viewpoint?

Or do we just keep ending relationships because it’s easier to be proud and right?

We can learn so much by simply listening to each other.
Quietly, patiently, without judgment and taking our time to respond rather than react.

Each of us have our own unique path and so we will never have the same experiences, beliefs and values.

Can we be courageous enough to have potentially uncomfortable or difficult discussions rather than just walk away?

Would there be regret if we never saw that person again or they died tomorrow?

Relationships and human connection are vital.
Beauty and wisdom can be found in each of our paths.
Sorrow and heartache too.

You never know when you might need the support of friends or family.

Let’s not push each other away for the sake of being “right”.

The world is divided enough already 🙏🏻♥️

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Recently I’ve discovered that I’m starting to be OK with being uncomfortable….

With being challenged….

With being uncertain…

Maybe I read something that brings up feelings of horror or sadness…

Maybe someone says or does something that I feel at odds with…

Maybe I upset someone…

I pause….

I notice the physical sensations that I experience with the emotions and how I label them…

I breathe…

I observe the thoughts, the stories that I might be telling myself about the situation that aren’t necessarily true.

I open my heart to those involved and what I don’t know about them, their life and their situation.

I breathe again.

I see if I can soften.

I listen to my heart and notice how it may respond differently to my mind.

It’s so interesting…

I am learning so much about myself, my conditioning and beliefs that I may be holding too tightly onto…

The discomfort and apprehension have become my allies in un-doing all that I am not, so that I can live authentically and fully as that which I am.

I am love.

Thank you to my teachers, to all of life’s teachers.


We will be exploring this more in our September meditation classes on Zoom.


Spiritual practice & meditation podcast

This week, I feature on The Bridge Centers Podcast.

I got to chat with the lovely Paola about spiritual practice.

Here is an outline of our chat plus the link to the podcast and meditation so that you can check it out for yourself.

Why is a #spiritualpractice not only important but also very practical?

In this week’s episode of the #ProsperityOnAir podcast we focus on the practical aspects of a spiritual practice, on what you do every day to connect with and express your true nature, strengthen your subtle energy body and live a joyful and fulfilling life.

I am honored to have Bodhini from Bodhi Aspirations as a guest on the podcast. Bodhini is a meditation and yoga teacher with a strong, heartfelt commitment to inspiring others to find peace and meaning in life through self-exploration and learning how to understand and integrate ancient wisdom and spiritual practices into our chaotic, modern lives.

This is what we cover in today’s episode:

✅ Re-connecting to your true nature and expressing it

✅ Loving ourselves also when we are shaken up

✅ How meditation helps you distinguish your energy from the energy of the people around you

✅ The importance of meditation in strengthening your subtle energy body

✅ How compassion helps you to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and explore their feelings and views

✅ The luxury of contemplation time

✅ The importance of rest as a spiritual practice

✅ Making spirituality practical in everyday life

✅ The importance of a community to walk your spiritual path

Don’t miss this episode! Not only it is very inspiring, but there is also a special gift from Bodhini who guides us through a beautiful meditation (at 0:25:47;16)

You can listen to the episode on the website:

or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts (look for Prosperity On Air)

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The moon moves me

The moon inspires me.

The moon moves me.

Even when the moon appears to be lost to the deepest depths of the dark night sky, the moon knows it will be illuminated by the light of grace again.

So the moon takes rest.

Sitting in the shadows barely visible. Letting life happen around it without the need to be centre stage, not putting pressure on itself to shine.

Not worrying that the world will fall apart without it’s light.

The dark moon blissfully present in the sky knowing it is whole and perfect even in the absence of light.

Just like the moon, we are part of something far greater than our physical form.

May we welcome the phases of darkness.

May we welcome the time to rest in the space of the unknown.

Change is inevitable yet can be unpredictable but we can trust that the light will return, revealing it’s exquisite beauty and wisdom through ideas and solutions to support us on our path.

As we approach this weekends new moon, take time to pause, take a back seat.

Observe and rest. Let go of effort.

Give yourself time to nourish the seeds of your dreams and intentions.

This is the time to prepare for the next magical phase of your life. ♥️

Are you ready?

Yes? Check out my NEW Moon inspired programme, Opening to Beauty on my website

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Is meditation safe for everyone?

There is more to teaching meditation than meets the eye..

It is worth considering that whilst meditation is extremely beneficial for most people, it can be potentially harmful to others who are suffering with severe depression, suicidal tendencies and other psychological problems.

With our NHS over-stretched more than ever especially now, more and more people are turning to meditation for reduction in anxiety and stress and for the sake of their mental health and largely practicing meditation is a good thing.

However, as a responsible meditation facilitator it is important to have the experience and training to be equipped to deal with the possible situation that on a rare occasion can happen.

The situation being that unwanted side effects arise and fear, anxiety and depression may be increased for someone participating your classes.

In my 10 years of sharing meditation with groups and individuals this has only occurred twice.

I am fortunate in that I’ve had a several hundred hours of meditation teacher training and thousands of hours lived experience as a regular meditator.

I am also a Mental Health First Aider and have basic counselling skills.

This doesn’t make me an expert but I knew how to deal with it and I have professionals that I continuously refer clients to when needed.

This is not always the case when you go to a meditation class.

It may have only happened twice but I’m aware as mental health issues continue to rise that it may happen again.

Talk to someone if you have concerns about any meditation experience that you’ve had if it has ever caused you to worry.

Always speak to your meditation facilitator if you are not sure if or what meditation is suitable for you.

If you are a meditation facilitator and this has never even crossed your mind, please do the research and look into mental health first aid training and basic counselling courses.

I believe that meditation can change the world for the better but let’s do it right!

In peace and love always


Are you ready to let go?

I NOW LET GO…. Of feeling uncertain..
It is time to let go of self doubt.
Why do I question if I can actually do this? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I now let go of the need to be accepted by others.

I can only be me 🙋🏼‍♀️ How will others accept me if I cannot accept myself? 🙏

It has always been too easy to hide behind the scenes in safety, watching with admiration at others who are happy to take centre stage. So confident and self assured.

I am ready to let go of old fears and insecurities which hold me back in helping others move forwards.

I say goodbye to the scared, small girl who was terrified of the judgement and criticism of others.
I hold her little hand and encourage her forwards as we step into the light. 💫

Finally free to be seen and be heard 🙏

What are you ready to let go of?
Take a deep breath. Write it in the comments….and let it go…. I’m here with you ♥️ Letting go can be hard work but if there is a heartfelt willingness to change then I believe anything is possible.

If letting go brings up resistance and fear for you. This is completely normal.

If these words speak to your heart and you feel that you would benefit from a guide to help you with the process, so that you can move beyond emotional resistance and forwards towards your hearts desires, Please check out the Lunar Flow package that I am offering in August on my website.

With love


New Moon reflections for May

Good afternoon everyone,

Happy New Moon 🌚 (19.59 GMT)

This card has kept coming up for me over the last week or so and in the last 24 hours I’ve had an influx of inspiration and guidance.

I work closely with the lunar cycle and especially find affirmations and intention potent at the time of the New Moon.

So I felt guided this morning to share this particular affirmation here.

From Soulful Woman guidance cards

This particular moon is said to be the most potent for manifestation this year.

But what if we don’t know what we actually want?

Sometimes we don’t feel clear on that.

Sometimes we ignore what we want because it doesn’t suit those around us, so we talk ourselves out of it and convince ourselves that we should want what they want for us……(this is not recommended as usually leads to resentment and/ or regret at some point)

Patience is a virtue that is really recommended for the energy of today.

If you are not clear on what you want or how to proceed and need guidance or inspiration, allow it to come in divine and perfect timing.

Life is not a race. Be patient with yourself and whatever you decide make sure it aligns with your values.

Your values are important. Live by the values of your own heart, not the values created in the minds of others.

This moon is also about stability and self worth.

Find your centre, ground yourself and don’t be swayed by thoughts that “you are not good enough” and “others know better”

You are enough and if you listen to the heart, you will know what you need to know….when you need to know it.

Thank you for being here. If you would like to receive upcoming new and full moon reflections along with recommended practices, please consider becoming a supporter or member on my buymeacoffee page.

Click here to visit buymeacoffee

Wishing you a beautiful new moon.


How do you feel about death?

How do you feel about death?

A question that we don’t often wish to answer or is not deemed appropriate to ask. It is socially acceptable to talk about life but not so much about death.

I had a curious experience with death once. It is difficult for me to articulate because there are no words for something which is truly beyond words but I will try because I really believe that we do a great disservice to ourselves and our children when we don’t encourage acceptance of death.

I first came to learn the importance of befriending and meditating upon death as a young adult exploring Buddhism. It instantly resonated with me. The teachings and practice have been a valuable support when I have had loved ones pass and found they also helped me when I had my own strange meeting with death.

I woke up one morning a few years ago and instantly felt that something was different. There was a feeling of being held by a vast, all consuming presence that seemed to expand throughout my being and even beyond the bedroom. This wasn’t like feeling the presence of a spirit or an angel. This was infinite, still and silent but seemed to want to be noticed.

I couldn’t speak and inside I was asking “what is this?” What felt like a quiet whisper arising from my heart responded with “death”.

Then there was internal panic. Had death come for me? I wasn’t sick so how or why would I die? What should I do? You can’t tell your loved ones that you might die this week but you don’t know when or why or how….and I can’t leave them now!

Then suddenly I felt soothed by this presence and I drew comfort from my faith, my previous experiences of loss that had me reassured that there are no endings, just transitions.

I decided no longer to resist but to surrender to this presence instead. To just be.

It was beautiful, it was steady and peaceful. After resting there for a while, its intensity began to subside and I felt able to move, but over the course of the next five days, it would return each morning and in random waves throughout the day.
Sometimes the anxiety would return along with the presence prompting me to surrender again and as before it would pass. It was quite surreal.

Then on the sixth day it did not return but I received the devastating news that my beloved grandmother had passed unexpectedly in the early hours of the morning. Slipping away in her sleep in her own home, a place full of love and cherished memories.

Looking back, I can’t be sure what any of this means.
Maybe in some strange way, life was preparing me for the death of a loved one.
For even though we can accept and even befriend death, it does not mean that we will not feel grief or loss.

What it does mean however is that we are less likely to get stuck in that grief and pain helping us to accept that in every moment, we are living and dying.

When you accept the impermanence of life, you don’t take things for granted. There is full appreciation for each moment of life and a willingness to show up for it all. Even the stuff that is out of your control.

Contemplation upon death is part of a spiritual practice. It actually changes your relationship with everyone when you remember that they are going to die one day.

It is not dwelling on loss or being morbid. It is just making peace with the inevitable, a reminder to live fully and no longer waste time on bitterness, pettiness and greed.

Life is a fleeting, precious beauty and I believe death is not an ending but a transition.
I invite you to contemplate how you feel about death and see if it alters your relationship with life and with those you love.

I would love to hear your reflections to this post if you feel comfortable sharing in the comments.

With love
Bodhini x