Just for today

JUST FOR TODAY….Can you be completely present? Not let a single moment slip away? Can you imagine responding and acting intuitively in peace, with humility and honesty…. Without anxiety or anger for a whole day? Every second spent in devotion to all that arises in each moment with acceptance, compassion and non judgment… Feeling groundedContinue reading “Just for today”

The importance of grounding

THE IMPORTANCE OF GROUNDING 🌳 What does it mean to be grounded?To be grounded is to be well balanced, stable, present and able to remain calm in a crisis. When we are not grounded, we can be distracted easily, become spaced out, prone to panic and even forgetful. Sometimes grounding can first become an issueContinue reading “The importance of grounding”

An introduction to mantra meditation

MANTRA MEDITATION Mantra was the first practice of meditation that I was introduced to when I first began meditating in 1996. Whilst I have had periods of practicing other types of meditation over the years, I always found myself gravitating back to mantra and it has now been present again in my daily practice forContinue reading “An introduction to mantra meditation”