Distant learning reiki workshops

We are now pleased to offer in-depth online training in reiki alongside other immersive experiences.

We began these during the lockdown period and they have proved to be very successful in providing a unique and profound experience for the participants.

Reiki training can be tailored to individual requirements too. Please contact Bodhini to discuss.

Upcoming Reiki workshops via Zoom

Reiki Kotodama chants workshop

Friday 6th November 10.15-12.45pm In this workshop, you will be introduced to and experience the magic of the mystical chants believed to be taught by Mikao Usui to his earlier Reiki students. Kotodama translates to “words carrying spirit” and there are Kotodama for each of the four traditional reiki symbols. We will explore the benefits of chanting and meditating with the kotodama and how you can use the kotodama in treatments. Kotodama handout and link to a recorded kotodama meditation included. Pre-requisite: You must be Reiki Master/ Teacher level or have at least one years experience as a Reiki Practitioner. If you have not trained with Bodhini, proof of qualification will be required before zoom link is sent out.

35.00 £

All lessons via Zoom will be recorded, should you miss any. Please do contact Bodhini if you have any questions.

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