Danielle Cresswell

I have experienced beautiful heart opening moments with Bodhini. Through Mantra, sound bath journeys, and more recently 1:1 yoga sessions, Bodhini is helping me to be living more consciously through my heart.

Bodhini has inspired me to make time for regular practice that I want to come back to daily. Even online I felt her calming, loving energy through a screen, but it’s a treat to experience the sound baths in person.

Anais Beaucousin

The Heart of Reiki journey with Bodhini has been wonderful, profound, and transformative for me. Bodhini has used a unique approach; we worked deeply on each Reiki precepts, to grasp them, feel them, integrate them within us. Bodhini’s approach is very humble, very supportive, and very powerful at the same time: she’s here to guide you and walk with you side by side on your journey, which ever stage you might be at.”

Karen Tanmayi Tidsall, Director, InterCHANGE People Development

Bodhini is a wise, gentle and deeply experienced facilitator of meditation and healer.  She is a clear channel for Divine Love to shine in the world.   I am enormously grateful to be guided by her and I’m enjoying a growing sense of calm and peace. 

I appreciate her grounded approach and ability to integrate the human and spiritual experience.  Her vast knowledge of spiritual traditions enhances the journey and is opening my heart and mind to  many treasures.  She is relatable, humble and open about her own journey which helps me relax and share my truth.  I highly recommend Bodhini and all her beautiful offerings.

Jennifer Bunting

Today’s mini retreat was simply divine. Your calming energy was felt even through the screen and being in my home allowed me to let go that little bit more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Karen Lloyd

I have been working throughout the pandemic as a civil service key worker. Your meditation sessions have kept me sane and calm in what has been the most stressful and intense time at work that I’ve experienced. Thank you so much.

Karen De Silva

Thank you for guiding us through the last six months. We have learnt so much and our lives continue to be richer. Sunday mornings have become a family ritual for us and your teachings have opened our minds and hearts.

Theresa Adrienne

I’ve studied both my Level ll and Master Level 1 with Bodhini. My Master level was onto-to-one. Bodhini lives this work and herein lies the beauty of working with her. It means that you receive so much more than a technical attunement, rather a personal blending of your own journey, with the lived experience of your teacher. Someone who is fully committed to the path personally and professionally, whilst also knowing the daily challenges of being human.

Yvonne Blandford

Bodhini and David are very welcoming and have a natural, relaxing approach which makes their yoga, meditation and healing events very therapeutic. I have attended several of their different events in Potten End and Kings Langley and have found them to be enjoyable and a great way to relieve the stress of everyday living. I will definitely be attending more in 2020

Heena Nunkoo

I’ve been attending Bodhini’s workshops for the past 3 years now. I started with weekly meditation classes and then signed up for Reiki level 1 and 2, which has been life changing for me. Bodhini has a wealth of knowledge to share. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and touching so many lives.

Min Seaton

I have attended various meditation sessions with Bodhini and can honestly say, no two sessions are alike. She holds a safe space for us to explore, embrace and practice different meditation methods. I continually learn something new and my practice, self-healing and awareness has grown because of her gifted teachings.

Michelle Lake

I attended my first sound bath last night and it was amazing. I never imagined that I would spend my Friday night lying on a mat, under a blanket surrounded by the wonderful, hypnotic sounds of gongs, chimes and various other instruments from around the world for an hour and a half. It really was an incredible experience- a bit like floating in space and it was very uplifting. Bodhini and David are a very talented, intuitive duo. If you feel like trying something new then I would recommend this experience.

S, GE Healthcare

Thank you so much for this sound session. I must say that I was skeptical to see if this would work for me. I cannot believe that I fell asleep almost immediately and felt totally calm and refreshed for the rest of the evening. I have been raving about it to the whole team.

S. Hudson, Moon Beever Solicitors

Bodhini was amazing. She made even the most hardened solicitors meditate and, despite a few being quite unenthusiastic at the beginning, she had them completely relaxed and energized for the day ahead after two ten minute meditations. She has been the talk of the office today and I know she has changed minds about mindfulness and meditation.